What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment and becoming more aware of thoughts and feelings. It also involves being able to let go of thoughts and feelings that cause us anxiety.


Have you been asked to teach Mindfulness in your organisation?

Make it easy for yourself with these free downloadable Mindfulness PowerPoints.


Free Introduction to Mindfulness PowerPoint

Introduction-to-Mindfulness.ppt (1023 downloads)


Free Living in the Present PowerPoint

Living-in-the-present-Powerpoint.ppt (755 downloads)


Free Mindfulness and Becoming Aware PowerPoint

Mindfulness-Becoming-Aware.pptx (349 downloads)


Free Stress and Emotions PowerPoint

Stress-and-Emotions-Powerpoint.ppt (2427 downloads)


Free Self Control and Mindfulness PowerPoint

Self-control-and-mindfulness-1.ppt (3844 downloads)


Free worksheet with activities to practise mindfulness in everyday life.

Mindfulness (0 downloads) Mindfulness-in-Everyday-Life.docx (206 downloads)


Free worksheet to help students identify stressors in their lives.

Stressors-in-Your-Life.docx (216 downloads)


Free sitting meditation audio file


Free visualisation audio file











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