Mindfulness can reduce stress in children and teenagers

Research shows that mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) can relieve stress, anxiety and depression in children (Saltzman and Goldin, 2008). So how well does mindfulness work with healthy children and teenagers? One… Read More

How to discipline your child with 1, 2, 3 Magic

When my son was 3-years-old, I had problems managing his behaviour as he was quite a strong-willed child. So after discussion with a psychologist friend, I started using a method called ‘1,2,3 Magic’. This is a… Read More

Gender Stereotypes and Children

I am as guilty as the next person for gender–stereotyping my son. He has lots of trains, fire engines and cars and I have just painted one of the walls in his… Read More

Developing numeracy skills through play

Play is important for developing children’s mathematical abilities and spatial awareness. Piaget suggested that children can develop the ability to conserve through discovery play. For example, when children play with water, they begin… Read More

Should gifted children be accelerated at school?

Should gifted children be accelerated?   The commonly held view is that it is not good to accelerate gifted children and that they will suffer emotionally and socially if they are put… Read More

Encouraging boys to read

A National Literacy Trust report shows that boys are far less likely to read in their spare time than girls in the UK. They are also behind in terms of their reading… Read More

How playing can reduce anxiety in children

  Research suggests that children can become anxious if they have too little time for free play. Barnett (1984) assessed children on their anxiety levels on their first day at nursery school.… Read More

What type of parent are you? Take the Quiz

Find out what type of parent you are by taking the quiz. You go to parents’ evening and the teacher complains about your child’s behaviour. What do you do? a) You ask… Read More

How do you deal with a competitive child?

My 8-year-old son is naturally competitive. I can relate to this as I’ve always been pretty competitive myself although I try to hide it! I have often told my son that it… Read More

How do you deal with a difficult child?

  So your child is being difficult? You’ve tried everything but their behaviour just seems to be getting worse. You’ve banned computer games, you’ve taken away prized possessions, you’ve lectured them, you’ve… Read More

Developing children’s social skills and empathy

Parents can improve their child’s peer relationships by teaching them basic social skills. One study found that children who had more conversations with their parents about friendships were better liked by other… Read More

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