The Fortress

Nargassus is in trouble from the evil Sinisters. The Kodo School trains children with supernatural abilities to defend the Kingdom. A prophecy says that a boy who is able to control the four elements of earth, fire, air and water will be able to restore peace to the land and defeat evil.


Cameron, a Kodo student, has these extra-special abilities and is sent on a mission to find the Sinisters with his two friends Anna and Sam.  Anna is able to see visions of the future, and Sam has special navigating powers.


The children’s search for the Sinisters leads them to a fortress where they meet Electro. Can they win against his lightning powers?


Look out for ‘The Magma Chambers’ where Cameron, Anna and Sam travel to the icy Kingdom of Iglay and meet Izotz, who can freeze people to death.
In the final instalment of the Kodo series, ‘The Pyramid’, Jenny re-joins Cameron, Anna and Sam to fight Silica in the Sand Land.

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